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This tool will help you narrow your choices of Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod heads. Please use this as a guide. If you have more advanced questions, please do not hesitate to email us at As you answer the questions, recommended Nodal Ninja models will be displayed. If you want to start over, click Reset.

  • Select the weight of camera and lens type
    Less than 2.7lbs (1.25kg) e.g. point and shoots, and compact DSLR with small lens
    2.7 - 3.3lbs (1.25 - 1.5kg) e.g. mid-range DSLR with small lens
    3.3lbs - 5.5lbs (1.5 - 2.5kg) e.g. mid-range DSLR with large lens
    5.5 - 7.7lbs (2.5 - 3.5kg) e.g. large DSLR with super telephoto lens or medium format camera
    7.7lbs or greater (3.5kg or greater) e.g. large DSLR with big super telephoto lens or medium format camera

  • Lens Size
    Less than 90mm in length    More than 90mm in length

  • Camera height from base to lens axis?
    Less than 61mm e.g. Point & Shoot, most DSLRs without battery grip
    61-108mm e.g. DSLRs with battery grip or medium format

  • What is your lens type?
    Fisheye Lens     Rectilinear

  • Select a focal length (35mm equivalent)*
    Up to 17mm fisheye e.g. for 360x180 deg panos
    Up to 27mm e.g. wide angle pano
    Up to 50mm e.g. tens of megapixel sized mosaic composites
    Up to 68mm     Up to 85mm
    Up to 102mm e.g. hundreds of megapixel sized mosaic composites
    Up to 206mm e.g. gigapixel sized mosaic composites
    Up to 275mm e.g. gigapixel sized mosaic composites

  • Full Spherical 360x180 Degrees Panorama Possible?
    With Fisheye less than 8mm eq. fl.     With Fisheye less than 13mm eq. fl
    With all lens types

  • Zenith shot at NPP?
  • Suited for multi-row panos

  • Repeatable shooting interval for template assisted stitching?*
    Yes, fisheye lens only     Yes, up to 102mm e.q. focal length
    Yes, up to 206mm e.q. focal length

  • Change focal length frequently?
  • Suited for making HDR panos?
  • Leveling base built-in
  • Ideal for pole aerial photography

  • Traveling Weight
    Less than 11oz (300g)     Less than 1lb 3oz (550g)
    Less than 2.2lbs (1kg)     Less than 2.5lbs (1.15kg)

  • *This is based on a minimum of about 25% overlap.
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